QuantalX Partners with Sheba Longevity Center to Advance Brain Health Across Lifespan


QuantalX recognizes the global trend of population aging, with projections indicating a substantial increase in the elderly population by 2050. This partnership with Sheba Longevity Center is a strategic step towards addressing the evolving healthcare needs of aging populations worldwide.

“Partnering with Sheba Longevity Center allows us to combine our cutting-edge Delphi-MD technology with world-class expertise to revolutionize brain healthcare,” said Iftach Dolev PhD, CEO and Co-Founder of QuantalX Neuroscience.

The collaboration aims to leverage advanced predictive analytics through QuantalX’s cutting-edge technology to promote brain health and well-being throughout life. This partnership focuses on proactive healthcare management, early detection of brain abnormalities, and personalized intervention strategies, contributing significantly to enhancing the quality of life for aging individuals.

Led by distinguished experts at the Sheba Longevity Center, this collaboration will pioneer new approaches in health diagnostics and intervention strategies. By combining expertise and resources, QuantalX and Sheba Longevity Center are poised to redefine brain healthcare and empower individuals to lead healthier lives as they age.

Dr. Abigail Goshen, Chief Scientific Officer of Sheba Longevity Center, further elucidated the vision behind this collaboration “In the next two years, we will dedicate our efforts in establishing a risk prediction model for early detection of mild cognitive impairment among healthy individuals based on the DELPHI test results.”

“The collaboration between The Sheba Longevity Center and QuantalX Neuroscience marks a significant milestone in advancing brain health diagnostics worldwide. By combining our expertise and resources with QuantalX’s state-of-the-art technologies, we are leading a transformative shift in healthcare. This partnership reinforces our dedication to innovative solutions and underscores our commitment to improving health outcomes on a global scale.” Said prof. Tzipi Strauss,Director of Sheba longevity center Sheba

About Sheba Longevity Center

The Sheba Longevity Center has been established as a forefront institution in integrating the latest research and innovations in longevity into patient care. With the adoption of advanced clinical technologies and unparalleled expertise, the center is uniquely positioned to identify and manage health risks on an individual basis through personalized longevity medicine strategies.

This approach is grounded in early assessment and precise diagnosis, aiming to prevent or delay the onset of health issues.  Recognizing the critical role of personalized medicine and technological innovation in extending both life span and health span, Sheba Medical Center, named as one of the world’s best hospitals for five consecutive years by Newsweek magazine, has founded the Longevity Center: the first facility of its kind to operate within an academic medical institution.

About QuantalX

QuantalX is committed to fundamentally improving patient care and alleviating the burden on healthcare systems through objective, accurate, early detection, and differential diagnosis of brain abnormalities, leveraging its novel Direct Neuro-Physiological technology, the Delphi-MD device.

For more information about QuantalX and its innovative solutions, please visit www.QuantalX.com.

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VP Marketing, QuantalX Neuroscience
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