Hospital Tissues Not Up to Sniff; Resident’s Recycled Resolutions; Liver Worm


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“Why do hospitals have the absolute worst tissues?” asked emergency medicine physician Amy Ho, MD, amidst increasing cases of COVID-19, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and flu.

In a collaborative Instagram reel, these urologists raised awareness about their specialty.

When you’re a medical resident, sometimes your New Year’s resolutions — sleeping more, logging cases on time, befriending the emergency department — are recycled from the previous year.

“Don’t drink and drive,” said neurosurgeon Brian Hoeflinger, MD, who shared a personal anecdote ahead of the New Year’s holiday.

Emergency physician @dr.jmack asked why a significant number of his African-American patients made phone calls during their exams, saying that he hoped he wouldn’t be “labeled as a racist.” In response, several physicians called him out for making generalizations about a marginalized community and pointed to medicine’s long history of racial bias.

This video might make you sq-worm! Gastroenterologist @socalgastrodoc issued a warning about consuming raw or undercooked fish from endemic regions, after a worm was found in a patient’s liver in China.

After this doctor refused to volunteer his expertise on a long-haul flight, other physicians weighed in on the moral dilemma.

Which kind of doctor is paid the least? The staff at a Texas medical clinic made their best guesses.

Portland, Oregon’s first baby of 2024 was delivered at Oregon Health & Science University at 12:12 a.m., according to the health system’s Facebook post congratulating the parents.

Keep an eye out for counterfeit Ozempic (semaglutide), warned emergency department doctor Josh Trebach, MD.

“I vastly underestimated the personal sacrifices I would have to make in being a mother,” said psychologist Katherine Schafer, PhD, in a post that resonated with many healthcare professionals.

Critical care physician Kevin K. Chung, MD, emphasized the presence of RSV, Influenza A and B, and COVID in the intensive care unit, urging followers to exercise caution.

“Yet another reason to get your new annual COVID immunization,” said vaccine scientist Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, on the finding that immunization can decrease risk of long COVID.

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