From Cuba to Spain After Surgery


Cuban activist Yamilka Laffita (also known as Lara Crofs) shared two photos showcasing the incredible recovery of young Amanda Lemus Ortiz after undergoing a liver transplant in Spain. This life-saving procedure came after the Cuban healthcare system had practically abandoned her.

“Amanda in Cuba and Amanda in Spain after surgery,” Lara wrote on her Facebook profile, expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to the campaign to get Amanda out of Cuba. “The enormous effort we made to help Mila and Emmanuel Lemus save their daughter was successful, above all, thanks to the tremendous unity we had. I don’t recall ever having a disagreement with Mila and Emmanuel in any sense. Today, life has gifted me a beautiful goddaughter and a pair of loyal friends,” she added.

Amanda’s Ongoing Progress

Nearly three months after her initial surgery in Madrid, Amanda continues to make progress. “Improving every day, beautiful, she laughs a lot, something she didn’t do before,” Lara revealed last Wednesday.

The little girl is still evolving after returning to the operating room on May 27 for another procedure. During this surgery, doctors placed a catheter with a drain and a stent in her bile duct, which was dilating. “The dilation of the duct is due to the amount of antibiotics she continues to be subjected to because of resistant bacteria she contracted while in Cuba,” explained the activist.

Early next week, Amanda will undergo a contrast test to see how the duct is functioning with the catheter. “The child came out perfectly from the post-operative period once again. Amanda and her parents have tremendous strength. Surviving everything they’ve had to go through has been epic,” emphasized Lara.

Despite her positive evolution, specialists warn that complete recovery may take months. Amanda has experienced several relapses due to the severe physical deterioration she had upon arriving in Spain. “Precious time has been lost,” Spanish doctors noted when they began treating her.

Understanding Amanda Lemus Ortiz’s Medical Journey

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Amanda Lemus Ortiz’s medical journey and recovery process.

Why did Amanda Lemus Ortiz need a liver transplant?

Amanda required a liver transplant due to severe liver damage that could not be treated in Cuba.

How did the Cuban healthcare system fail Amanda?

The Cuban healthcare system was unable to provide the necessary treatment for Amanda’s liver condition, effectively abandoning her to her fate.

What complications did Amanda face post-surgery?

Amanda faced complications such as a dilating bile duct due to the amount of antibiotics needed to combat resistant bacteria she contracted in Cuba.


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