Burnout Buster; Health Workers React to Anti-Mask Bill; Toxic Polar Bear Liver


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This year’s worst Nurses Week gift, according to @nurse_hangry, is a “burnout buster,” also known as bubble wrap.

This duo is happy about their break-up: “They say breaking up is hard to do but there’s no smile quite like that of a patient cured of cancer who doesn’t need their oncologist any more,” said Mark Lewis, MD.

After Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s controversial commencement speech went viral for encouraging women to be homemakers, ophthalmologist Vicki Chan, MD, pointed out the irony that his mother, Elizabeth Butker, MS, is a medical physicist at Emory University’s department of radiation oncology.

“Next up — bike helmets, thimbles, seat belts, oven mittens, speed limits, umbrellas,” tweeted epidemiologist Diego Bassani, PhD, responding to proposed legislation in North Carolina that critics say would make it illegal to wear a face mask in public, including for medical reasons.

“Sun protection is so important and one of the easiest things we all can do everyday,” said Ethan Melillo, PharmD, in response to a viral video advocating against sunscreen.

Sarah Warren, RN, shared the powerful backstory of her non-profit, Don’t Clock Out: “We are part of a growing community of healthcare workers who have decided that we deserve better within this system that only takes.”

What’s a random medical fact that lives rent-free in your head? Internal medicine physician @karapeppermd shared, “Polar bear liver contains levels of vitamin A that are toxic to humans. If you’re starving in the arctic, don’t eat polar bear liver,” and asked her audience to chime in.

Neurosurgeon @ladyspinedoc documented a productive 48-hour “day in the life” vlog.

Hospital gown or casual dress? Drug scientist Claire Zagorski, MSc, reacted to a dress on sale that could double as hospital attire.

Pediatric nurse Ciara Melle, RN, showcased her creative flair by sharing fun ways to decorate and personalize her nurse badge.

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